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For the past 30 years or so, my passion has been directed at the research of the family genealogy. The name "TREMBLAY" and all the variations of the spelling, go back to Adam & Eve, though I have only been able to trace them to 1100. Some interesting tidbits from the past:

In an inventory of the Abbey of Saint-Denis dating from 862, mention is made of the name in the form Latin Trimlidum, alteration Tremuletum, Tremulus, referring to the white poplar The first written record of the name of Tremblay goes back to the seventh century. It is engraved on the reverse of a currency Merovingian in the form of Tremolito.

Bernard de Tramelay (died August 16, 1153) was the fourth Grand Master of the Knights Templar.
He was born in the castle of Tramelay near
Saint-Claude in the Jura. He was elected Grand Master in June of 1151. King Baldwin III of Jerusalem granted him the ruined city of Gaza, which Bernard rebuilt for the Templars.
( it would seem that the Palestinians owe me some back rent! )

List of Grand Masters
Hugues de Payens (1118-1136)
Robert de Craon (1136-1147)
Everard des Barres (1147-1149)
Bernard de Tremelay (1149-1153)
André de Montbard (1153-1156)
Bertrand de Blanchefort (1156-1169)
Philippe de Milly (1169-1171)
Odo de St Amand (1171-1179)
Arnold of Torroja (1181-1184)
Gérard de Ridefort (1185-1189)
Robert de Sablé (1191-1193)
Gilbert Horal (1193-1200)
Phillipe de Plessis (1201-1208)
Guillaume de Chartres (1209-1219)
Pedro de Montaigu (1218-1232)
Armand de Périgord (1232-1244)
Richard de Bures (Disputed) (1244/5-1247)
Guillaume de Sonnac (1247-1250)
Renaud de Vichiers (1250-1256)
Thomas Bérard (1256-1273)
Guillaume de Beaujeu (1273-1291)
Thibaud Gaudin (1291-1292)
Jacques de Molay (1292-1314)

Dramelay-Tremblay, Bernard Du b: ABT 1100 d: 1155 in Ascalon, Israel

Bernard Gauthier D'Apres Du Tremblay Dramelay b: 1134 in Normandie, France d: 16 Aug 1153 in Ascalon, Isr

Guillaume Tremblay-Dramelay b: 1150 in Perche, France d: AFT 1167 in france

Gauthier D'aspres Du Tremblay b: ABT 1300 in Perche, France

Gilles Sieur du Chesnay Tremblay b: 1370 in Normandel, Perche, France d: 1440 in France

Tremblay b: ABT 1400

Gervais Du Tremblay Sieur de Gallion b: 1468 in Randonnay, France d:1487/1490 in Normandel, France

Jean Tremblay-Baron b: BEF 1486 d: 1555

Philbert A'Loys A'Gallien Tremblay b: 1600/1605 d: 17 Nov 1642

And from his marrage come all the "TREMBLAYS" in North America.

And introducing the latest member:


Anonymous said... i know i should have had a jewish postscript at the end of my name....tremblaysteinmanberg.....welcome Aidan Christopher Tremblay...Jan. 31, 2008 12:51 A.M.......Good luck to you my son...and all of our can do what ever your mind and body healthy and happy....but most of all be yourself....


greg said...

Congrats to all the NA Tremblays.

John Pitroff said...

I'm glad someone is doing this, in the end, I am just too lazy to get into it.

Lex said...

thx! im a tremblay myself and glad to have founded your blog!! :D

great job n god bless!

Anonymous said...

I am a TREMBLAY on my Mothers side and also a York Rite Freemason(Knight Templar) by coincidence. I find this very interesting and this all came about as my Mother did a Family Tree search on Tremblay and this is what the results yielded. It seems that we are the biggest Family in Canada and due to this, we are CANADA's FAMILY! We have Merovingian blood and historically are very wealthy and respected. The Brethren at my Lodge will be interested in hearing this news that they have one of the original Grand Masters in there Lodge!! WOW!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate one female that shares your surname is a vicious and vile predator and psychopath. Not all Tremblays are bad apples, but the recent fall (Mayor in Quebec) might be an indication that some other Templar Crusade Family Names are involved :) Besides, family isn't only blood and surnames didn't exist for the vast majority until the Rolls. Nobility is only as good as the positive efforts and impacts to humanity as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Hello there
I am currently working to complete genealogical research TREMBLAY. I just found the information "Southview" about just the first TREMBLAY. I wonder ... About Gauthier Aspres ... Who was his father? Bernard?

I would like to contact "Southview" to discuss the subject. Email: (Denise Perron TREMBLAY, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada).
With my thanks, my best regards.

Anonymous said...


I too descend from Pierre Tremblay and I am doing some research on my own about Bernard de Tremelay being related to us. As your site documents it. He was indeed 4th Grand Master of the Templar Knights and part of the Montfaucon house, a very influential lineage. His family's history is said to be linked to the templars and the Holy shroud and that they descend from the first Merovegian kings.

That being said, the Templars Knight's had to make vows of Piety and Celibacy much like priests today so I have yet to prove that he was related to Bernard de Gauthier D'Après.

Unknown said...

I too am a Tremblay, and recently started tracing my family tree. My grandfather was one of 14 children. I just found a family picture of my great grandfather and all of the kids. Your search makes me want to continue on. Thank you